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Direct / Optimizer

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The Optimizer is described in more detail at the Global Marine Networks site.

Using the Optimizer is simple. Basically, you plug your satellite phone into the Optimizer, connect to the WiFi network the Optimizer provides, and you are then able to use the satellite phone to download your weather data. Its pretty slick.

There is a minimal amount of setup required in order to use an Optimizer. Below is a sample of the interface to configure an Optimizer in the app. This is found in the application settings download area. This sample is from the Mac product, but it is very similar on iOS.

If you have not altered any of the Optimizer settings, then the default values for the IP address and password will work just fine.

Select the type of satellite connection you have.

When you are finished with the settings, turn the Optimizer on and let it start up. Connect to its WiFi network. Then press the verify device settings button. That will perform a short test to see if the app can communicate with the Optimizer.

When the verify step passes, you are ready to start downloading data.